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Don’t Be Fooled: How To Read And Understand An SEO Report To Know If You’re Actually Improving (Or Getting Ripped Off)

  • What you need to do, and what you have to know about website analytics reports in order to make sure that you are not getting ripped off.
  • The best approach to SEO is to be methodical, logical, and planned. To a business owner, this seems like we’re taking it slow and easy.
  • When consumers go to a search engine they have a definite strategy and purpose …they enter a word or phrase related to their need/want and then to choose which is the best option to supply them that information.
  • Do not expect overnight success. You must take one small step forward in order to achieve the eventual mile.
  • When a consumer does a search, there are between 10-15 websites that appear. There is a high probability that the consumer will never go to page 2.
  • To get more rankings and those rankings higher it takes consistent effort and time.
  • It’s Important To Set High Goals, While Being Certain They’re Realistic
  • SEO is a marathon!
  • To accept SEO guidance without thorough research/analysis of your website is a costly mistake. You have to know what to fix before it can be fixed.
  • It’s generally safe to say that the more page views, the better.
  • If you have pages with lots of content, you may want to measure where people are looking on the page.
  • Acquisition Report: helps you understand what advertising and marketing is paying off, and what ads or ventures are not working.
  • Now That You Know The Details That Are Spelled Out In Your Reports, You Can Hold Your SEO Provider Accountable


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