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Improve Your Landing Pages

May 22nd, 2020|

Joshua Ramsey, SEO Expert Landing Pages Improve Your Landing Pages The 73% of companies that run online advertising, or any type of advertising, do not use landing pages! This blows me away!  For a company to pay for advertising on a specific message and not drive users to a specific landing page is absurd.  There are several reasons that I want to share as to why not having landing pages is a ginormous mistake.  I then want to share some key bullet points for you to think about when you do start building landing [...]

Why Podcasts Will Grow Your Brand.

April 22nd, 2020|

Joshua Ramsey, Digital MarketerWhy Podcasts Will Grow Your Brand What Is A Podcast? Podcasting provides a person the opportunity to publicly express their passion for a product or service and reach people who may be looking for unique information. Podcasts easily allow you to grow your band and get more mentions online. Distribution channels for podcasts already exist, ensuring your content will reach listeners. Why Be On A Podcast? You know what a laugh track on a TV show is. It is an undertone of a show that allows the viewers brain confirm that whatever was just [...]

How To Know When Search Algorithm Updates Are Rolling Out – SEO Sensors

March 22nd, 2020|

Joshua Ramsey, Digital Marketing Director Search Algorithm Updates How To Know When Search Algorithm Updates Are Rolling Out – SEO Sensors Often Google will roll out big updates to the Google search results. The frustration is that Google never speaks about the rollouts until they are done and someone in the core SEO community asks about it. The thing that good SEO needs to be doing is watching ‘Sensors’. When you are interviewing SEO agencies it is a smart question to ask what they think about SEO sensors and which ones they use. In the blog [...]

What a fractional CMO SHOULD be doing for your company.

January 22nd, 2020|

Joshua Ramsey, Fractional CMO What Does A Fractional CMO Do? What a fractional CMO SHOULD be doing for your company. #1 and more important INNOVATE the market Some clients actively look for agencies that can propose new ways to help achieve their business objectives. Copying and pasting one campaign idea from client to client, or project to project, is easy in the short run but you may lose the long game as other agencies experiment with new technologies to enhance their digital campaigns. Past successes is no indication of future success. Agencies should also beware [...]

Media Markets Size

January 14th, 2020|

Joshua Ramsey, Fractional CMO Top Media Markets In The U.S. The top media markets in the U.S. are listed on this page. Josh Ramsey compiled this list from a resource called Nielsen. This was created as a tool for business professionals to identify target market opportunities. Nielsen is the respected ranker and rater of all things media, and the Nielsen DMA Ranking is a highly accurate list of the nation's markets ranked by population. The information noted to the right of each city is the expert evaluation of each market that the average company pays [...]

The Traditional Ad Agency Model Is Flawed

November 4th, 2019|

Joshua Ramsey, Fractional CMO The Traditional Ad Agency Model Is Flawed Why The Traditional Ad Agency Model Doesn't Work The majority of agencies are built around structure and a foundation of the old aged advertising legacy model. The sad truth is that most agencies are made up of just 1 person claiming that they have a team when really they do all the work. The ones that are actually a full team are designed for long term client partnerships and marketing strategies and plans that often stretch over years. The steady stream of revenue this provides is [...]

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