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Get A Grip On Your SEO - Webinar

Taught By: Joshua Ramsey

Beginner & Intermediate Classes Are COMPLETELY FREE!

(No Upsells. No Pitches. No Technical Experience Required.)

Getting a grip on my SEO has been incredible.  I never really understood how to hold my SEO company accountable, much less do it all myself. Now I know both after working with Josh Ramsey’s Program.

Dustin White

Chief Marketing Officer
Sunwest Trust

Sunwest Trust get a grip seo webinar testimonial

The Advanced Class, for $50, is amazing. Being able to ask questions and get interactive advice with Josh has saved me hours of time and headaches. Hands down the best choice I could have ever made with my marketing dollars!

Annie Doyle

Founder/ Owner
Phoenix Stone

Sunwest Trust get a grip seo webinar testimonial

Pick Your Level

3 Levels To GET A GRIP On Your SEO


‘Starting To Get A Grip’

These SEO webinars provide training that cover SEO basics. What to look for, how to understand what you see, then diagnose and build your SEO strategy.

Here is what you will learn on the ‘Starting To Get A Grip’ SEO webinars:


‘Get A Firm Grip’

This level is for anyone that knows how to analyze the core SEO elements and is now ready to apply the strategies on their website. This series of SEO webinars will guide you just below the surface and teach you how to make changes to the code of your website.

Here is what you will learn on ‘Get A Firm Grip’ SEO webinars:


‘Get An Iron Grip’

Access to a professional SEO expert where you have the chance to share your screen, ask questions, and make real-time updates to your website. All for just $50 a month. An unbeatable deal.

Here is what you will apply on ‘Iron Grip’ SEO webinars:

Read & Analyze

Learn what to look for, what you see, and how to make logical decisions on your SEO.

Diagnose With Tools

Learn what tools to use and how to use them. Identify the best free online tools.

Create Your SEO ‘To-Do’ List

Make your own SEO checklist and know what to expect from each bullet point.

From Research To Application

Take what you have learned (from the Starting To Get A Grip) and implement it to improve your results.

‘The User X’

Understand why UX (User Experience) matters, make updates to track and start improving results.

Lead Generation – CTA

Call To Actions (CTA) are essential for an effective website. Learn how to create and use them to maximum effectiveness.

Access To Paid Tools

Live demonstrations using your website with paid tools.

PRO SEO Updates

Roll up your sleeves with an expert and make real-time changes to your code.

Priceless Strategy Sessions

Receive pin pointed answers to your questions, problems, and start identifying your blind spots.

Why Free SEO Webinars?

With These Strategies, You Will Build Your Traffic And Make
You So Successful, You Will Need To Invite Me To Join Your Team!

“I take the mystery out of SEO and help you be successful online. Thus, empowering business owners
to make informed decisions when it comes to working with any digital marketing company.”

– Joshua Ramsey

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Benefits Of Being Part Of The Advanced Family

Share Your Screen For Hands-On Fixes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Josh’s approach to business is to teach you everything you should know.  His philosophy is that you will do a good job applying the methods but then one day need his help to do an even better job.  Everyone has a capacity limit. Do as much of the baseline SEO that you can do, then when you are too busy to do anymore, or just don’t understand.  Josh will be the expert you can trust – because you have worked with him.

The advanced class is worth it if you are going to have questions on how to apply the strategies.  This class is where you can share your screen and have Josh work with you to actually apply every element of SEO you need.  For $50 a month you won’t get a cheaper option to work with a true SEO expert. 

Cancel anytime. Join anytime. Manage how much you are involved or droping out.  We are not going to pressure you, we are here to help.

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