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Marketing Tools That Make Your Job Easy: Digital Tools That Show You What’s Really Going On With Your Website

  • 40% of SEO companies and digital marketing companies don’t have a digital marketing plan.
  • Trust Those Who Have Proven Results Through Successful Launches Or Turnarounds.
  • The entire purpose of an SEO company or digital marketing company is to increase your online visibility.
  • Do not make the mistake of just saying you want to be #1 in the search engine results, and then start blindly paying your SEO professional. That would not just be unwise – it would be irresponsible to do that with your business. Be sure to set both long term and short term goals.Yes, you want to be #1, but what can you accomplish in the first month on your journey in that direction?
  • Although increasing your online visibility doesn’t guarantee an automatic surge in lead flow, you should expect that, when the website leads do pick up, you will be paying a lot less for them.
  • In order to duplicate your best month of sales from online generation, you first need to go back 2-4 months prior and identify what strategy and steps were taken.
  • The significant weight of keeping your SEO professional accountable and your website progressing can usually require about 10-15 minutes a month.


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